About Us

Secondhand Spice was born out of uncertainty. 2020 brought many hard days and unsure futures. However, 2020 brought time. Our owner worked as an employee for Goodwill. The love for thrifted clothes and secondhand finds sparked an idea. An online secondhand store! 

Thrifting and buying secondhand is a great way to lessen the amount of clothes dumped into landfills. Clothes can be reworked, up-cycled, or repurposed adding another lifecycle to an article of clothing. 

To further save the planet, most of our packaging is 100% recycled (recyclable). We plan to offer carbon-neutral shipping in the near future.

Secondhand Spice knows thrift stores and secondhand shops thrive off of low prices. Thus, we have tried to keep prices as low as possible. 

All products have been laundered and/or disinfected. 

We hope you love secondhand items as much as we do! Shop small and save big!